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Aggreko International Power Projects To whom it may concern,

Reference for Amanda Davison, Divine Imaging

In February 2010, Aggreko became the Official Temporary Power Solutions of the 2010 FIFA World Cupin South Africa as a National Supporter. I contracted Amanda Davison, Divine Imaging, from March to August 2010 to photograph our involvement with the tournament.

The photography brief had two separate elements.

1) Aggreko operations and equipment photography

2) Aggreko sponsorship and hospitality programme

Operations Photography

The photography concentrated around five locations the International Broadcasting Centre, three stadiums (Soccer City, Green Point, Durban) and the Aggreko warehouse. Amanda visited each location at least twice during the project to photograph the various stages of development. The objective for Amanda was to capture shots which illustrated Aggrekos power solutions for television broadcasting and domestic usage. The brief was fully appreciated and this was reflected in the photography, with shots that creatively included Aggreko generators / personnel with broadcasting and domestic equipment also in picture. Aggreko generators, housed in grey 20ft shipping containers, are not aesthetically appealing but Amanda was able to photograph these in dynamic settings, with interesting movement and backgrounds, which made the images from our World Cup operations first class.

Amanda also built good working relationships with the site engineers and personally liaised with them to understand key project dates (equipment arrivals, installations etc.), points of interest on site and occasionally have equipment moved during the photography. This was extremely beneficial to capture the best operations shots at the right time, in the right place with on-site engineering support.

Sponsorship & Hospitality Photography

Amanda was also commissioned as our photographer for the hospitality programme for eight key matches, at four stadiums Soccer City, Ellis Park, Rustenburg and Green Point. The brief was to photograph our guests during the exclusive Aggreko Welcome Dinners, entertainment and excursions, in addition to the stadium hospitality and during the match itself.

The shots were taken in a relaxed reportage style, which meant our guests didnt feel inhibited by the camera.

Amanda successfully photographed our guests enjoying themselves and strengthening relationships with their Aggreko hosts. The shots effectively reflected the atmosphere from the hospitality programme with many of the informal and humorous moments very well captured.

I also commissioned Amanda as the Aggreko photographer for the FIFA press conference and the exclusive tours of the Broadcasting Centre that we organised for key guests.

In summary, Amanda was an integral part of the Aggreko World Cup Sponsorship team and the photography taken throughout the project was of excellent quality. High-res images were always delivered quickly, with retouching and editing completed. The amount of photography required and the programme schedule was very demanding, but Amanda always put in the hours to get the job done, taking great pride in her work.

In summary and on behalf of Aggreko, I would like to thank Amanda for successfully completing a challenging project in minimal timescales.

Yours sincerely,

Matt Bell

Marketing Manager

Aggreko International

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